Northwind Trader Sales Analysis - Maven Northwind Challenge

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Northwind Trader Sales Analysis - Maven Northwind Challenge

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The objective of this project was to develop a KPI dashboard for the executive team, which would present an easily understandable overview of the company's performance in key areas. The dashboard had to be comprehensive, providing insights on a wide range of metrics, including sales trends, product performance, key customers, shipping costs, gross sales, net sales, order count, employee count, and number of customers.

From the data analysis, the key insights were as follows:

Sales Trend:

  • The company experienced a significant decrease in net sales between July 2013 and May 2015, with a drop of 34.20%.
  • However, net sales started trending up in September 2014, rising by 122.54% in just seven months.
  • The steepest incline occurred between September 2014 and April 2015, during which net sales jumped from 55,629.24 to 1,23,798.68.

Product Performance:

  • The product with the highest sum of net sales was Côte de Blaye, which accounted for 36.54% of total sales and was 201.97% higher than Camembert Pierrot, the product with the lowest sum of net sales at 46,825.48.
  • The net sales of the top five products ranged from 46,825.48 to 1,41,396.74.

Key Customers:

  • QUICK-Stop was the customer with the highest net sales at 99,766.36, which was 98,874.56% higher than the lowest customer, Centro commercial Moctezuma, with net sales of 100.80.
  • QUICK-Stop accounted for 10.83% of total net sales.
  • Net sales and total quantity were found to be positively correlated.
  • The greatest divergence between net sales and quantity occurred with the customer QUICK-Stop, when net sales were 96,230.36 higher than the quantity.

Shipping Costs:

  • The highest shipping costs occurred in 2014 at 32,468.77, followed by 2015 at 22,194.05, and 2013 at 10,279.87.
  • United Package accounted for the highest shipping costs in 2014 at 19.05% of total shipping costs.
  • The average shipping costs were highest in 2014 at 10,822.92, followed by 2015 at 7,398.02, and 2013 at 3,426.62.

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