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Northwind Traders Shipping Analysis

PowerBI Dashboard

About this project

Engaging in this project allowed me to thoroughly analyze sales data and uncover significant insights that can propel our business towards success. The following are key discoveries resulting from the analysis:

  • Shipping Cost Analysis: Among the shipping providers analyzed, United Package charges the highest average cost per package at $86.6, while Speedy Express charges only $65 on average. Exploring alternative shipping options and negotiating contracts could lead to significant cost savings in this area.
  • Famous Product: Through the analysis, it was found that "Côte de Blaye" is the best-selling product among the top 10 products. This insight can guide us in promoting these products further and exploring cross-selling opportunities.
  • Sales Trends: The analysis reveals that April generated the highest revenue throughout the period, while June had the lowest. Sales trends fluctuated over time but ended with a slight decline. Understanding these trends can help us identify patterns and make informed decisions to improve sales performance.
  • Country-wise Analysis: The majority of orders and high revenue are generated from the USA and Germany, followed by France, Brazil, Austria, and the UK. Strengthening our international alliances with these countries is crucial to our success and growth.
  • Key Customers: Our success heavily relies on our top customers, including QUICK-Stop, Save-a-lot Markets, Ernst Handel, Hungry Owl All-Night Grocers, and Rattlesnake Canyon Grocery, among others. Engaging with these customers on a personalized level and offering tailored products and services will enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue.
  • Category Sales: Beverages and Dairy Products have emerged as the top-selling categories, indicating their popularity among customers. Additionally, Grains & Cereals have shown potential for growth. This information provides an opportunity to optimize our product offerings and refine marketing strategies accordingly.
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