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Product Sales Report

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Project Objectives:

Q: What was the best year for sales? How much was earned that Year? Q: What was the best month for sales? How much was earned that month? Q: What City had the highest number of sales? Q: What time should we display advertisements to maximize the likelihood of customers buying products? Q: What products are most often sold together? Q: What product sold the most? Why do you think it sold the most?

Project Tool: Astrato

Dataset: Product Sales dataset. It can be found at the snowflake connector inside Astrato.

Solution: I've tried a new BI tool this time and tried to make a cool-looking dashboard. I was trying to be creative while making this dashboard. So, I went for the infographic design style. I hope you like it. Other than all common charts were used.


  1. Progress chart
  2. Bar chart
  3. Combination chart

I've also written some suggestions for the dashboard user so that he/she can make decisions early.

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