Maven Airlines Passenger Satisfaction Challenge

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Maven Airlines Passenger Satisfaction Challenge

Maven Airlines Passengers Satisfaction

About this project

This dashboard was created to make some data-driven decisions. Analysts were instructed to make some recommendations by analyzing the given dataset. Problem statement:

  1. Recently Maven Airlines' passenger satisfaction rate has dropped to 57%
  2. Maven wants to know the reason for such dissatisfaction and how they can increase the passenger satisfaction rate.


  1. Likert analysis to understand the promoter, detractor, and neutral ratio.
  2. Question-driven answers. I have tried to find answers to some questions so making recommendations would be easy. My questions were,
  3. How many passengers participated in the survey?
  4. Which type and class were passengers most dissatisfied with?
  5. Which services need to be improved?
  6. Which age group needs more attention? By finding these answers, I tried to make some recommendations.
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