Sale Anaylsis of Maven Supplies

Tools used in this project
Sale Anaylsis of Maven Supplies

Tableau Dashboard

About this project

The Task:

Create an executive-level BI solution from the ground up for Maven Supplies, a hypothetical office supply storeThe goal is to track key performance indicators (KPIs) (sales, profit, units, and returns), compare performance across markets, analyze category profitability, and identify high-value consumers.


A folder of Excel files containing information on orders, refunds, clients, and territories serves as the data source.

The project:

  • Connect and transform unstructured data
  • Use sorting and filtering tools.
  • Make your own calculations and parameters.
  • Create interactive reports and dashboards.

The Result:

Create an executive KPI dashboard with dynamic filtering capabilities, high-level trending indicators, sales and objective performance, geospatial distribution, and month-over-month tracking. Each visual is dynamically interactive, allowing visitors to dive down into the data.

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