Udemy Course Dashboard: Subject & Students Analysis

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Udemy Course Dashboard: Subject & Students Analysis


About this project

Project Summary:

This project designed and developed a dashboard to analyze and visualize data related to courses and students on the Udemy platform. The dashboard provides instructors with insights into student engagement, course performance, and overall trends.

Key Features:

  • Interactive visualizations: The dashboard includes interactive charts and graphs that allow instructors to filter and drill down into the data.
  • Subject and student analysis: The dashboard provides insights into student activity and course performance for different subjects.
  • Course comparison: Instructors can compare the performance of different courses side-by-side.
  • Actionable insights: The dashboard provides instructors with actionable insights that they can use to improve their courses and attract more students.

Skills Used:

  • Data preparation and cleaning
  • Data Modeling & Relationship
  • calculations and aggregations
  • Data visualization in Tableau
  • Communication and storytelling

Tools Used:

  • Excel (data transformation)
  • Tableau (data visualizations)

Key Findings:

  • Web Development is the most popular subject, attracting the highest number of students and generating the most revenue.
  • Graphic Design and Business Finance follow closely behind in terms of student interest and revenue.
  • There seems to be a positive correlation between the number of students enrolled in a course and the amount of revenue it generates. This suggests that instructors who can attract more students are likely to see higher financial returns.
  • The average price paid for web development courses is higher than for graphic design or business finance courses. This could be due to the perceived higher value of web development skills in the job market.
  • The number of reviews left by students is also higher for web development courses. This suggests that students are more engaged with and satisfied with these courses.


This interactive Udemy Course Dashboard empowers instructors with crucial data insights, fostering informed decision-making and ultimately leading to improved student engagement, course completion, and overall platform success.

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Ashley Thomas
3 months ago
Great dashboard & insight.
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