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Maven Family Challenge

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For this challenge, I acted like to be a Data Visualization Specialist for an online business journal. My job was to generate charts, visualizations, and infographics to accompany articles. Our employer was preparing a post on parental leave policies across the business sector for Women's History Month in the United States, and they asked me to build a striking visual using the data obtained.


This dataset contains one CSV table: Data on paid and unpaid maternity and paternity leave weeks was crowdsourced from 1,601 firms across various industries.


  1. Data collection and preparation
  2. Querying transforming and loading data
  3. Data modeling
  4. Writing DAX measures and calculated column
  5. Develop compelling reports and visualization
  6. Create dashboard


Make a visualization using Power Bi. Finally, the outcomes of this project will provide valuable insights into the distribution of leaves among employees. her some of my observations:

  1. Philanthropy has the highest average paid maternity leave, with employees receiving 22 weeks.

  2. Companies provide 22% more paid maternity leave than the global average.

  3. Maternity leave is granted for 2-4 months, which is longer than paternity leave.

  4. Out of 1600 companies, 53 provide zero maternity leave and 1344 provide zero paternity leave. Paternity leave has an 84% lower ratio than maternity leave.

  5. Grant Thornton has the most flexible leave policy.

  6. Keep in mind that a child needs the attention of both parents. As a result, paid paternity leave must be provided and extended.

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John Ford
about 1 year ago
Clear, engaging dashboard with valuable insights. Well done!
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