Telecom Customer Churn

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Telecom Customer Churn

Tableau Dashboard

About this project

The Project: Churn data for a fictional Telecommunications company that provides phone and internet services to 7,043 customers in California, and includes details about customer demographics, location, services, and current status.

The dataset:

This dataset contains 2 tables, in CSV format:

  • The Customer Churn table contains information on all 7,043 customers from a Telecommunications company in California in Q2 2022.
  • Each record represents one customer and contains details about their demographics, location, tenure, subscription services, status for the quarter (joined, stayed, or churned), and more!
  • The Zip Code Population table contains complementary information on the estimated populations for the California zip codes in the Customer Churn table.

The Work:

  • Connect the raw data and transform it
  • Create a relational data model.
  • Create new Calculation parameters and LOD Functions.
  • Create an interactive data analysis report.

The Result: Create an executive KPI dashboard with dynamic filtering capabilities, high-level trending metrics, and Customer churn, find out the customer demographic information, show the main reason behind the customer churn, and provide some key insight to help resolve the customer churn issue.

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Anh Kien Le
Anh Kien Le
28 days ago
Very insightful and Good-looking Dashboard! May I ask how you identify customers as "high-value customers"? Do we identify them high-value if they purchase a certain amount of charges to the