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Tableau Dashboard

About this project

Project :

The project will analyze Airbnb data from over 250,000 listings in ten major cities. The goal is to identify any significant differences in the Airbnb market between cities, understand which attributes influence price most, identify trends or seasonality, and identify which city offers the best value for travel.

Data :

CSV files containing information about hosts, pricing, location, room type, and over 5 million historical reviews and prices are data sources (in local currency).

Task :

  1. Clean the raw data
  2. Make your own calculations and parameters.
  3. Create an interactive report.


Make a visualization using the questions from the goal section as a guide. Finally, the outcomes of this project will provide valuable insights for both new and experienced Airbnb hosts, assisting them in making informed decisions about where and how to list their properties to maximize profitability.

Discussion and feedback(2 comments)
Ashley Thomas
about 1 year ago
Fantastic dashboard! Clear visualizations, great layout, easy navigation, and nice colors. Well done!

Aradhana Singh
Aradhana Singh
6 months ago
Where should i download the data for Air Bnb?
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