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Hogwarts Mystery

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About this project

The Project: I wanted to better understand the magic of the Harry Potter films as a self-proclaimed Potterhead. To do so, I examined the films' overarching themes. I considered the locations of the scenes, who had the most dialogue, what spells, charms, and curses Harry used to save the Wizarding World from Voldermort, and other factors. I wanted to practice not clogging up the space on my dashboard, so that was a major focus of my investigation.

The data:

This dataset consisted of 6 tables in CSV format:

  • The Dialogue table contains all of the dialogue from the 8 Harry Potter movie scripts and includes foreign keys for character, chapter, and place.
  • The Chapters table contains the 234 chapters from the movie scripts with chapter names and numbers, as well as the related movie.
  • The Movies table contains the 8 movies with fields for the movie title, release year, runtime, box office revenue, and budget.
  • The Characters table contains the 166 characters that had dialogue in the movie with information about the character's name, gender, species, patronus, wand core and wand wood, and their Hogwarts House.
  • The Places table contains the locations in the movies, both generally (category - Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, etc.) and specific (name - Great Hall, Hagrid's Hut, 4 Privet Drive, etc.)
  • The Spells table contains the spells cast in the movies, with fields containing the incantation, spell name & effect, and the color of the light cast

The Result:

  • 6.42$ Bn Total Profits.
  • 234 chapters, 8 movies, 74 places, 166 characters, 61 spells.
  • ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ with the greatest profit at 1.09$ Bn. 1.34$ bn box office with a 0.25$ bn budget.
  • Dialogues by gender: 77.73 % male and 22.27% female.
  • Dialogues by character top 5: Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Albus, Rubeus.
  • The profit, box office, and budget per each of the 8 movies.
  • Based on my analysis and unsurprisingly, Harry Potter was the star of the movie. He had the most lines of dialogue by far (almost double that of any of the other characters), his Hogwarts house is most heavily represented, and he uses the most spells.