CHS Agriculture Analysis Project

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CHS Agriculture Analysis Project

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For my college class, we had to pick a company from Yahoo Finance and collect, clean and populate the data from the company's start date up until today. I chose CHS Agriculture, based out of Minnesota.

I initially found what they opened each month with, the highs of that month, lows, and what they closed out with. Then I was able to determine the adjusted closing figures, along with the total volume of product sold.

I geared this project in the way in which I could see whether they were profitable each calendar year, and by how much. I was also able to project future sales based on past data history using statistical scenario projections.

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Range, Variance & Standard Deviation Graph
Year end volume of product
Yearly Data; high, low, adjusted
Means, Medians & Measures of Spread
Interactive Projection Pivot Chart
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