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Sivium; the automation platform has a 14 day free trial that will take your requirements and resume and apply for positions on your behalf! I decided to try this and record the data. The 14 day free trial yielded nearly 3000 job applications! I received an email for every position applied for. Of those positions, I documented any position that replied a "Unfortunately we are going with another candidate" response, or ones that didn't even respond. In addition, I documented offers for interviews that led to the position being a scam. Categorically, I populated this entire data set into Excel and produced visualization charts to show the 2886 jobs that I applied for and how it all was broken down.

So, after 14 days and nearly 3000 job applications sent. I was offered 21 Interviews; 14 of which were scams, which led to a whopping 7 legitimate interviews and a potential of 2 offers of employment, which at the time of this data population was TBD.

In conclusion, is using Sivium worth the myriad of emails to try to get hired?

For information::: Every position was applied for using LinkedIn or Indeed; nothing else

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Jon Thompson
Jon Thompson
Project owner
over 1 year ago
Project owner
***"Acceptance v Rejection" chart is NOT correct. I'm working with Maven Analytics to get this remedied.***
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