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Space Race

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The Project

This Power BI report's goal was to in finding their All space missions from 1957 to August 2022, including details on the location, date, and result of the launch, the company responsible, and the name, price, and status of the rocket used for the mission.

The Work

  • Connect the raw data and transform it
  • Create a relational data model.
  • Create new DAX measures and calculated columns.
  • Create an interactive data analysis report.

The Result

  1. With 157 missions, 2021 was the most active year in space travel history. In 2021, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX each launched their first tourist-focused missions into space.
  2. The RVSN USSR had the most missions in space history, with 4,630, but as of 2022, no rockets were active. WHY? The Russian Space Forces were formed as a separate branch of service from the SMT in 2001.
  3. Throughout history, less than 10% of space missions have failed. It's important to remember that these failures helped pave the way for future travel improvements and more tremendous success.