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The Maven dataset on unicorns and start-ups includes information on unicorn valuations, location, and industry hubs. The following analyses were carried out using this data:

  • Investment return
  • The average time it takes to become a unicorn
  • Top ten cities by number of industries
  • Top ten countries with a high concentration of unicorns
  • Top ten investors who have invested in the most unicorns


When compared to other unicorn start-ups, Zapier had the highest return on investment with the least amount of funding. It would be interesting to investigate what Zapier does differently than other unicorns.

The largest unicorns continue to be dominated by the United States, China, and India.

There were 44 industries in Shanghai valued at $99 billion, whereas London had 34 industries valued at $178 billion. Perhaps more research could be done to determine the effects of the industries located in these cities on valuations.