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I am pleased to announce that I have completed my second dashboard challenge, this time for the FP20 Analytics Challenge. During this Challenge, we had to prepare a two-page report based on a dataset for the Mediterranean Camera Company, in which we included the following information:

Page 1: Executive overview of the Company Sales performance YTD report.

Page 2: Products Data Analysis and Time Intelligence report.

This project has been worked through Power Bi and Power Bi Query. While working on the dashboard, I tried to keep it as simple and easy to understand as possible, that is why most of the graphs in this project are dynamic ones. This is a good trick when having to present different information for the same category in a report. The selected Axis will change according to slicer associated making it easier for the user to navigate through the information.

šŸ” Key insights:

By Country:

  • On average, France is charges the most per product. Also, they are the country with most sold units and highest profit and Net Margin.
  • United Kingdom has the highest Net Sales and the highest Cost-over-Gross Sales Ratio, while Greece has the lowest one.

By Product type:

  • Even though Camara 3 is the most sold product and has the highest Profit, it's Net Margin is the lowest one among all products.
  • Units are sold almost 3x more on weekdays than on weekends, especially on Thursdays; Tuesdays generate more profits.
  • December is the 3rd month with most products sold but the one with the highest Profit growth
  • By Pareto Analysis, we can see that with Cameras 1, 3, 5,and 6 we have a bit more than 70%of total Net Sales.
  • Camera 6 has the highest average price.

By Discount:

  • Institutions are the buyers given the most discounts, especially in June. Followed by MiniMarkets, with high discounts amounts in October and July.
  • Germany is the country with the lowest percentage of discounts over Gross Sales, while United Kingdom is the country with the highest discounts.
  • Camera 2 has the highest discount percentage with 7.5%, while Camara 3 has the highest amount of discount with 2.1MM.

Overall, units sold increased 51% by the end of the year, while net margins increased 37%.

āš” Feel free to like and share this post if you find the dashboard interesting. And if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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