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Superbowl Commercials are always something to look for when watching the big game 🏈. Wheter you watch them for the product itself or for celebrities appearances, the expectation is gets higher every year.

This dataset includes 21 years of the top 10 brands Superbowl's commercials, number of TV viewers, YouTube views and likes, characteristics and estimated cost.

Some key insights: • Bud Light has released more Super Bowl commercials over the last 21 years than any of the other brands analyzed, followed by Budweiser with 43 commercials and Doritos with 26 commercials. Furthermore, Toyota and NFL are the brands with the least number of commercials released with 12 and 11 respectively. • Only 3 NFL commercials have exceeded the hundred-second mark. The average commercial lasts 45 seconds. The shortest one is from E-Trade with 15 seconds in 2010. One of the lowest estimated costs is Doritos, which has the highest number of Youtube views with 225 millions. Contrariwise, Bud Light has the highest estimated cost but fewer Youtube views than Doritos. However, Bud Light the brand with the highest TV viewers and estimated cost, while Budweiser comes in second. • Even though the number of viewers may seem lower than the year before, there is an increasing tendency through time. There seems to be a relationship between estimated cost and TV viewers, in plain sight it seems that they move similarly through time, while YouTube views has it's own pace. • There is a low ratio between YouTube views and likes, being the average 0.49%, the highest ratio is from Budweiser in 2014 with 9.83%, followed by E-Trade in 2021 and Budlight in 2004 with 3.39% and 3.12% respectively. • As fot characteristics, 98% of all the commercials had at least one of this seven characteristics and only the 2013 Bud Light commercial has them had them all. • There is a similar tendency across the years, showing their products in the first ten seconds and using humor are the most common ones. YouTube's top three most watched commercials only exhibit two characteristics, while TV's most watched commercials exhibit up to five.

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