Hospital Executive Overview

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Hospital Executive Overview

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Focusing on core KPIs which I deemed relevant during the data profiling stage which resulted in the analysis of these metrics:

  1. Occupancy%(Based of the max patients admitted)
  2. Encounters
  3. Hospital Admissions
  4. Revenue
  5. Procedures (Success Rate%)

How do these KPIs relate to each other:

  1. Occupancy & Admissions per year are crucial to understanding what capacity the building is at and the rate of new people being admitted to the hospital.
  2. Encounters directly affect revenue.
  3. Procedures (Success rate %) is a standalone metric but is influenced by occupancy. If occupancy is high success rate of procedures is lower due to the strain on the staff.

Who is this view for: This view is catered to the executive team of the hospital.

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