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National Rail Analysis

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The National Rail Analysis report provides a comprehensive overview of business services, crucial for businesses and train operators aiming to enhance service efficiency and passengers satisfaction. The report is invaluable for passenger support management, business analysts, stakeholders, and operations management, as if offer s insight into daily operations, identifies on-time performance and contributing factors.

Business Case:

  1. Identify the most popular routes

  2. Determine peak travel times

  3. Analyze revenue from different tickets types and classes.

  4. Diagnosed on time performance and contributing factors.

Data Manipulation:

To answer the business case, I manipulated the data by merging two columns in Microsoft Excel - the departure station column and the arrival destination column to get the most popular routes and I titled the column routes.undefined

I explored the power of power query in PowerBI to transform the departure time column to start of time to enable me have a proper and efficient analysis.undefined

Calculated measures in PowerBI was utilized to determine total revenue for each routes and MoM to enable proper decisions making.undefined

Key Insights:

  1. Manchester Piccadilly - Liverpool Lime Street emerged as the most popular routes with 4.63k passengers using the routes.

  2. Peak hour times can be classified into two different times. 6:00, when workers rush to work and 18:00 when they return work to meet family and friends.

  3. Advanced tickets type generate more revenue for the railway company, as passengers prefer to book ahead of time to benefit from discounted prices.

79.86% of the revenue comes from tickets sold to standard passengers, as these are more affordable for the majority of passengers.

  1. Weather and signal failure are the two major contributing factors for delayed or cancelled journey.


Signals should be tested hours before departure time to prevent delayed or cancelled journeys.

Recruiting reliable staff will help in curbing the high rate of cancelled and delayed journey.

Experts should be employed in the technical department to ensure technical issues are quickly identified and resolved before departure time.

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