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Istanbul Shopping Mall Report

Istanbul Shopping Mall Report

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The dataset is gotten from kaggle. The dataset contains 10 columns and 1,232,867 rows. I created new column for age categories to bring out meaningful insight from the dataset.

DAX was used to calculate columns and measures. I calculated Current Year (CY), Previous Year (PY) , Year-on-Year (YoY), total revenue, total customers and total quantity.

Relationship was created in power pivot between the calendar table and the dataset.


undefinedundefinedBusiness Case:

  1. Do we have best preforming mall?

  2. Do we have any worst performing category?

  3. What age category and gender are our top customers?

  4. What is the demographic distribution of customers?

Key Insight:

  1. Analysis shows that Zorlu Center is the best performing mall with teens emerging as top customers. Cumulative YoY from customers grew by 72.3%. However, Forum Istanbul performed less than expected. Cumulative YoY from customers dropped by 45.6% in 2022.

2 the analysis shows that clothing category is the worst performing category from 2021 - 2023.

  1. Youth were top customers from 2021 - 2022. While elderly were top customers in 2023. Although adults and teens shop at the mall, they have never emerge as top customers a cross all malls. 57.7% of the top customers are female compared to 43.3% who are male.

  2. 59.8% of customers are female. 40.2% are male. 38.8% are youth. 38.2% are elderly. 19.3% are adults and 3.8% are teens.

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