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State Growth Analysis

State Growth Analysis

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Project Overview

This Power BI + SQL project aims to analyze Telangana's growth across various sectors using publicly available open data. Telangana, as one of the fastest-growing states in India, has embraced an open data policy, making its information accessible online. The goal of this project is to derive quantitative insights to support data-informed decision-making by the Telangana government, fostering further growth within the state.

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Project Details

There are three areas for analysis

  1. E- stamp Analysis
  2. Transportation Analysis
  3. TS-iPASS Analysis

Key Insights:

E-Stamp Revenue Analysis:
  • Uncovered revenue trends, identifying peak periods for enhanced financial planning.
  • Provided actionable insights to optimize e-stamp processes for increased revenue.
Transportation (Vehicles Sold and Vehicle Type) Analysis:
  • Analyzed the dynamics of vehicles sold, highlighting trends in the automotive sector.
  • Classified vehicle types to understand market preferences and inform future transportation planning.
TS-iPASS Impact Analysis:
  • Explored the impact of TS-iPASS on industrial growth, providing crucial data-driven insights.
  • Facilitated informed decision-making for sustained economic development.

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