IPL analysis and predictions for 2024

Tools used in this project
IPL analysis and predictions for 2024

IPL analysis and predictions for 2024

About this project

Problem Statement:

"Sports Basics" is a sports blog company that entered space recently. They wanted to get more traffic to their website by releasing a special edition magazine on IPL 2024. This magazine aims to provide interesting insights and facts for fans, analysts and teams based on the last 3 years' data.


As a data analyst, I have analyzed three years of IPL data to create a comprehensive report using Power BI. The report includes primary insights such as Teams analysis, batters analysis, bowlers analysis, and secondary analysis covering best 11 players, top 4 all-rounders, 2024 qualifiers prediction, winner and runner-up prediction, orange cap, and purple cap prediction.

  • For Documentation and other files visit GitHub link : click here
  • Presentation Video Link on YouTube : click here

Key Objectives:

  • Analyzed teams and matches.
  • Calculation of different cricket metrics
  • Provide Insights based on performance of players
  • Provide predictions for 2024 based on analysis and current performance of teams and players

Tools Used:

  • Power BI - for dynamic and interactive analysis
  • Microsoft Power point - to create final presentation layout and designing
  • OBS Studio - for video recording
  • Microsoft clipcamp - for video editing

Data Model View in Power BI:


Report Summary :

Page 1 - Team Analysis

  • Winning percentage of teams throughout IPL 2021-2023 seasons
  • Number of wins by teams while chasing targets

Page 2 - Batters Analysis

  • Top batters based on runs scored
  • Batting average of top batters
  • Strike rate of top batters
  • Boundaries hit by top batters
  • Implementation of dynamic tooltips for detailed player information

Page 3 - Bowlers Analysis

  • Top bowlers based on wickets taken
  • Bowling average of top bowlers
  • Economy rate of top bowlers
  • Dot ball percentage achieved by top bowlers
  • Incorporation of dynamic tooltips for in-depth player statistics

Page 4 - Predictions for IPL 2024

  • Selection of the best 11 players based on performance metrics
  • Prediction for qualifiers in upcoming IPL seasons
  • Prediction for winners and runners-up
  • Recognition of the top 3 all-rounders based on their contributions across batting and bowling

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Chris Dutton
Chris Dutton
3 months ago
This is great Vineeta! I love the project description (especially leading with the problem statement and overview), and the dashboard itself is really clean, intuitive, and well designed. I had a lot of fun exploring this one – keep it up! 👏👏
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