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The purpose of creating and maintaining a performance report is to track the team's work and progress. To evaluate a job, you need a complete picture of the situation and context. Creating a tool that would allow me to perform such tasks was my guiding principle when creating this project.

The report includes a navigation page, main Shift Performance Dashboard, two printable reports - a team report and an individual report, a planning tool, and a team matrix. In addition, we have 2 pages with data - daily individual work results and daily orders, and 2 pages with pivot tables.

We measure the performance of the team and the employee by checking the amount of products picked. However, this number is a variable number depending on the overall order amount. The most interesting chart and measurement is the comparison of the daily result with the expected one based on the amount of the order. This gives us the necessary content to evaluate the results.

For find out more insight I invite to check the report!

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Navigation Panel
Printable version of report
Printable version of individual report
Team matrix
Planning tools
Performance report - main view
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