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Motor Vehicle Thefts Report

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Business case:

📍 What day of the week are vehicles most often and least often stolen?

📍 What type of vehicles are most often and least often stolen? Does this vary by region?

📍 What is the average age of vehicles that are stolen? Does this vary base on the vehicle type?

📍 Which region have the most and least number of stolen vehicles? What are the characteristics of the regions?

Key insight:

Mondays are peak days where vehicles are stolen in New Zealand and Saturdays are more safe as less vehicles are stolen.

Silver-colored Station wagon legacy 2002 model is the most stolen vehicles. Sport car Cooper 2002 and Canter vehicle are least often stolen.

32 years is the average age of stolen vehicles. It vary base on the vehicle type.

Auckland is region with highest recorded case of stolen vehicles. While Southland is the least region with stolen vehicles.

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Chris Dutton
Chris Dutton
4 months ago
Nice work on this guided project Bright! It's really easy to read and follow, and I love that it wraps up with your recommendations and observations – keep it up! 👏👏
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