Nigeria's Election Analysis (2019-2022)

Nigeria's Election Analysis (2019-2022)

About this project


An analysis titled "NIGERIA’S PAST ELECTION ANALYSIS TILL 2022" was conducted to assess the trends in registered voters, presidential elections, and state-level data in Nigeria. The data used was obtained through online research and pertains to the period leading up to 2022.


politically related This information is useful for understanding political trends and dynamics in the country, particularly concerning elections and voter behavior.

Useful Insights for Politically-related Matters in Nigeria

The analysis revealed several insights that are pertinent for politically related matters in Nigeria:

  • Population and Voter Trends: The data indicated a general increase in registered voters over time, correlating with the growth of the population.
  • Presidential Election Preferences: The All Progressives Congress (APC) and People's Democratic Party (PDP) appeared to be the dominant choices for voters in both 2015 and 2019, with Muhammadu Buhari emerging as the winner in both elections.
  • State-Level Voter Distribution: The analysis highlighted the correlation between states with high populations and those with the highest number of voters and Permanent Voter Card (PVC) collection.


Based on the findings, it is recommended that:

  • Political stakeholders should consider the implications of the identified voter trends in their campaign strategies and policy agendas.
  • Further research and analysis should be conducted to explore the underlying factors driving the observed patterns in voter behavior and election outcomes.


It is important to acknowledge the limitations of the analysis, which include:

  • The reliance on online data sources may have introduced biases or incomplete information.
  • The analysis may not account for local or regional dynamics that could influence election outcomes and voter behavior.

Skills Gained

Through this analysis, I developed valuable skills in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. These skills are essential for conducting informed assessments of trends and dynamics in any field, thereby contributing to a deeper understanding of the landscape.


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Chris Dutton
Chris Dutton
5 months ago
Very nice reports Timi! I love your design style and the project write up is fantastic 👏👏 One piece of data visualization advice is to use line/area charts for time series data (like registered voters per year), and bar/column charts for categorical comparisons (like top parties and votes by state). That can help make the story even more clear, and the visuals a but more intuitive. Keep up the great work!
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