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The CEO Deck: Sales and Forecast Insights

Data-driven insights for a CEO on Sales and Forecasting

About this project

In approaching this challenge I focused on the things that in my opinion are critical for a good report:

  1. Insights and recommendations - I attempted to go beyond "just sharing the numbers" and thought some good amount of time about what would be the key visuals and left out everything else (less = more).

  2. Storytelling - This is where I tried to push myself again. I thought of ways to add (mostly dynamic) explanatory narrative to the insights and visuals, hoping to provide context and some high level interpretation of these insights.

  3. Design - Good stuff needs great packaging as well. I wanted to present this in an appealing way (this is quite subjective! 😎) and thought of other sources business leaders read and got inspired by the colors and themes Financial Times use on there website (www.ft.com). Next to its recognizable background color, this theme works with a nice shade of green and dark red, meaning I had to ensure my visuals were always clear - even for an audience that might have challenges on the colorblindness spectrum.

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