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🔸 total revenue, total number of subscribers, number of reviews, courses, subject and course duration

🔸Any course with high subscribers

🔸Which course have the highest number of reviews

🔸 how many subscribers enrolled for free courses

🔸 subscriber rate over the years

🔸which level have the highest number of subscribers

🔸 revenue trend

🔸 do we have top instructors

🔸any best performing subject

🔸 How many free courses do we have.


🔸from 2011 to 2017 Udemy generated 242.93k and 11.96M subscribers. 574.72K reviews. 3.66K courses. 4 subject and 4.17k hours of course content

🔸the complete web developer masterclass beginner to advanced boast the highest number of subscribers with 38.17k

🔸 the web developer bootcamp pulled 27.45k reviews from 2011 - 2017

🔸3.58M subscribers which represents 30% enrolled for free courses.

🔸2017 was the best year. Udemy had 3.48M subscribers.

🔸 All level boast the highest number of subscribers with 6.92M subscribers

🔸2016 Udemy generated 84.21k and in 2017 revenue dropped by 30.13k in 2017

🔸 Colt Steels; Rob Percival; and Maximillian Schwarmuller are the top instructors.

🔸Web development stands out with 7.98M subscribers and generated 92.44K as revenue.

🔸 Udemy over the years had 310 free courses.

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