53 Years of Play: An Interactive Lego Guide

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53 Years of Play: An Interactive Lego Guide

53 Years of Play: An Interactive LEGO Guide

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Top Project Features:

  • Custom Visual Assets
  • Highly Dynamic and responsive elements
  • Additional Lego history dataset


Hi, I'm Adrian, and Welcome to 53 years of Play! This interactive dashboard aims to be as playful and eye-catching as the actual LEGO sets.

The dashboard is composed of 3 parts: Through The Years, All The Sets, and Trivia! Each of these were designed to focus on different elements of the challenge and beyond.

I'm too poor for PowerBI premium so check the links below to see the project for yourself:

Layout & Style

The idea behind the dashboard was that you weren't using a dashboard, you were PLAYING with a LEGO set. The background itself is a LEGO style base and the elements used have been painstakingly formatted to fit within the grid of the base, as if the objects were snapped on like LEGO bricks. Images have all been passed through PPT for background removal and composition assembly.

Majority of the colors, fonts, and design choices were inspired by LEGO's 2023 annual report and the LEGO website.

Section 1: Through The Years

undefinedThis section is dedicated to the LEGO company itself from 1970 and onward. In terms of historical moments, there wasn't that much to play around with in the core dataset so I had to think outside of the brick. I lifted the information here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_timeline) and manually organized the data into years and decades in excel.

The visuals used are straightforward, a two-column table and a slicer for selecting the decades.

Section 2: All The Sets

undefinedThis section is an interactive and filterable LEGO catalogue viewer. The main image box is a third-party visual I downloaded from the store. It is the most intricate in terms of construction due to the dynamic elements at play.

When there are multiple sets available, the catalogue viewer will look like so:

undefinedKPI Cards are hidden, the dynamic bricksetURL button is not usable, and images cannot be displayed. They rely on DAX such as the following: undefinedundefined

Once ONE set has been selected the appropriate information will begin to display and the brickset link will be made available (provided the specific set has a link).undefinedBy default, the cards will display "Not Available" when the corresponding metric column is null. Using 0 may be misleading and may imply the wrong idea.

Section 3: Trivia!


undefinedThis section is dedicated to facts from the core datasets. Given how these facts are immutable I had to compensate lack of interactivity with visual appeal.

Noteworthy Details

  • Clicking on navigation buttons leads to visual cues for responsiveness.
  • Clicking on navigation buttons twice or the LEGO logo will direct users to the default screen
  • A mini-Emmet can be located on the top-right part of the screen. He's always there to guide the user.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this project as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks!

Connect with me in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrian-emmanuel-ramos-604332b4/

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Discussion and feedback(4 comments)
Chris Dutton
Chris Dutton
about 1 month ago
Very creative approach here Adrian! I love the walkthrough video and project description – makes this such a solid portfolio piece to showcase your skills (and bonus points for the "Everything is Awesome" soundtrack 😆)

Enrique Ruiz
Enrique Ruiz
12 days ago
The more I look at this the more I notice and love all the little details involved in this. Excellent work Adrian! If you want to publish the Power BI report you can do so for free: https://app.mavenanalytics.io/account/apps
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