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Business Case:

What are their marital status?

What are their educational qualifications?

What are their salary range?

Which region in the UK do they reside in?

What nationalities are they?

Which gender smokes more?

What type of smoke do smokers prefer?

Who are the youngest smokers? what age are they and which gender?

Who is the oldest smoker?

How many region do they reside in?

How many smokers do we have?

How many cigarettes do a smoker smoke per weekend?

How many cigarettes do a smoker smoke per weekday?

How many smokers do we have


Single UK residents smoke more than married UK residents

UK residents with no educational qualifications constitute highest number of smokers

Smokers who earn between 5,200 - 10,200 smoke more than those who earn above 36,400

Majority of these smokers live in the Northern part of UK

Most of these smokers are English nationals

56% of smokers are female compared to 44% who are male

71% of the smokers smoke packets, 17% smoke hand-rolled and 12% smoke both packets and hand-rolled

The youngest smokers are age 16, and they are male and female.

The oldest smoker is 93 year old

60 cigarettes is smoked per weekend by single females

55 cigarettes is smoked per weekday by a married UK male

We have 421 smokers.

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