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Nestle Australia Sales Analysis

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I completed an interactive sales dashboard for Nestle Australia. The analysis covered 2018 to 2020. Nine products of Nestle was analyze and 8 locations in Australia was selected for the analysis.

Few Cases were presented for finding and analysis.

Case 1: Which location have the highest revenue.

Case 2: Which product(s) is widely consumed by Australians.

Case 3: Which sales medium do customers prefer the most.

Case 4: What year is the best year for Nestle Australia in terms of revenue.

Key Findings

2018 - 2020 Revenue:

📍 January and February 2018 wasn't a good start for the company. The company made less than 700k. In the month of March 2018 there was an increase in revenue. The firm made $802,235k. In July the same year, the company recorded the highest revenue for the year which is 953,258k. In sum total the company made $8.71M in revenue with an average of $726,066 for the year ended 2018.

📍In 2019 the company started with low sales. The made less than $700k same as last year January. In March revenue grew up to $1.18M. From the month of May to November, the company revenue were in millions. The least being $1M for the month of November. 2019 was a good year with revenue up to $12.62M with an average of $1.05M

📍In 2020 the Month of May and June was a good months. The firm made more than a million follow closely by November with 980,371. In sum total 2020 revenue was $9.49M and average of $790,432.

2018 - 2020 Products Sales:

📍 Milo is widely consumed in some part of Australia. The product made a total of $5.95M in revenue. Nescafe came close with $5.54M; and Nesquik Duo made $4.27M. While Nescafe Gold made $1.73M

2018 - 2020 Locations:

📍The company's highest revenue came from Southern Australia. The location generated $5.51M follow by Tasmania with $5.38M and Queensland with $4.31M while Western Australia made $485,145.

2018 - 2020 Sales medium:

📍 Australian, some of them loves online shopping. 77% of the sales from 2018 - 2020 came from online order while 23% is made up of direct sales.


◽From the analysis so far, the month of December isn't a good business Month for Nestle Australia. The analysis shows a continuous decline in sales from 2018 - 2020. And 2020 December recorded the worst sale.


◽Prices of Nestle products in Western Australia should be reviewed to match the income of the locals. Also leveraging on peak period or peak days to give discount; flash sales and run promotions should be done to attract customers. This can be done in Malls, supermarkets and online stores.

◽ stakeholders should look into the low demand for nescafe gold and try to fix the issues. This can be done by carrying out a survey in the eight locations where the products have low demand. While that is being look into, the quantity of nescafe gold that is being produced should be reduce as this will reduce inventory holding cost and prevent damages.

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