Top 1000 YouTubers Analysis Report

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Top 1000 YouTubers Analysis Report

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  • T-Series is the most subscribed YouTube channel, boasting a total of 245 million subscribers.
  • The Music category claims the top spot as the most subscribed and viewed on YouTube, accumulating a staggering 3.1 trillion views and 519 million subscribers. Entertainment follows closely as the second most viewed and subscribed category, with approximately 2.5 trillion views and 515 million subscribers.
  • The combined views of Music and Entertainment amount to about 10,984 billion, sharing a significant portion of 5,649 billion views, which is almost 51.4% of the total YouTube views.
  • The United States contributes approximately 3,690 billion to the total video views, with India closely behind at 2,281 billion, accounting for about 54.3% of the total views.
  • Both Music and Entertainment also stand out as top-earning categories.
  • South Korean YouTuber KIMPRO holds the title of the highest-earning YouTuber, both monthly and yearly. ABP News has the distinction of having made the most number of uploads, totaling about 301,000 uploads.
  • Happy Lives takes the lead in the last 30 days, amassing an impressive 6.6 billion views.

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