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Coffee Sales dashboard

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Project Introduction:

This project improves the coffee shop's analytical capabilities by utilizing an Excel dashboard for sales information. The goal of analyzing transaction data is to get important insights regarding customer behavior, product popularity, sales patterns, and operational efficiencies. The purpose is to optimize inventory management, improve decision-making processes, and find possible cross-selling opportunities.

Project Task:

  • Data collection, cleaning, and preparation
  • Analyse monthly, daily, and hourly sales patterns with Power PivotTables.
  • Determine high-performing days and times.
  • Develop compelling reports and visualization
  • Create an Interactive dashboard

Key Findings:

  • Most transactions occur between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., showing a morning sales peak.
  • Monday, Thursday, and Friday have been noted as high transaction days, reflecting greater customer engagement on these days.
  • Lower Manhattan shows fewer sales than other stores.


Through meticulous data analysis and visualization using an Excel dashboard, this project reveals key insights for optimizing your coffee shop's operations. Peak transaction times, high-performing days, and areas for improvement in Lower Manhattan are identified. By leveraging these findings, you can enhance customer experiences, refine inventory management, and boost overall sales efficiency for a thriving coffee shop venture.

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Discussion and feedback(4 comments)
Ashley Thomas
3 months ago
Well designed dashboard, I love this heat map. Great work!!!

Ujjwal Sharma
Ujjwal Sharma
Project owner
3 months ago
Project owner

Mwende Mutua
Mwende Mutua
2 months ago
Great dashboard, I love the color choice and design as well as the heatmap visual
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