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Adidas Sales Dashboard


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Step into the world of Adidas sales with my Tableau project. Discover the power of data-driven insights as we unravel product performance, sales trends, and regional impact, all at your fingertips. This dynamic dashboard transforms raw data into actionable business intelligence, making it a must-see tool for marketing, sales, and analytics professionals.

Project Objectives:

  1. Sales Insight: To provide a comprehensive view of Adidas sales data, highlighting key metrics, trends, and performance indicators.
  2. Data-Driven Decisions: Enable stakeholders to make informed business decisions by offering actionable insights from sales data.
  3. User-Friendly Experience: Create an intuitive and visually engaging dashboard, catering to novice and experienced users.
  4. Customization: Offer interactivity and customization options, allowing users to explore data by product category, region, and period.
  5. Customer Behavior Understanding: Facilitate a better understanding of customer behavior to guide strategic choices.
  6. Optimization: Identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement within Adidas sales data.

Key Findings:

  1. Top-Performing Products: The dashboard reveals that Adidas Men's Street footwear is the highest revenue generator, followed closely by athletic apparel, providing crucial insights for marketing decisions.
  2. Seasonal Sales Trends: Seasonal patterns emerge, with a noticeable spike in sales during the back-to-school season, the holiday season, and major sporting events.
  3. Regional Disparities: Sales vary significantly across regions, with North America showing the highest sales figures, while Asia-Pacific demonstrates strong growth potential.
  4. Customer Behavior: The dashboard highlights that online sales have surged over the last year, underscoring the importance of e-commerce strategies.
  5. Sales Growth Opportunities: By identifying underperforming products and regions, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and strategic focus.


This Tableau dashboard unlocks actionable insights from Adidas sales data, revealing key performance trends and regional disparities. It empowers users with a user-friendly interface for data exploration. The message is clear: data-driven decision-making is essential. Use the findings to optimize strategies, adapt to consumer behavior, and uncover untapped potential. This project exemplifies the power of data visualization for success in Adidas sales analysis. It's not just a snapshot but a dynamic resource for ongoing decision-making.

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adhi frianto
adhi frianto
7 months ago
Hay Ujjwal, my is Adhi, please share data this project for learning because Tableau in the matery course,thanks
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