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In 2020, after announcing their corporate operations were officially carbon neutral, Apple pledged to make their products carbon neutral by 2030. To achieve this goal, they set their emissions for 2015 (38.4 million metric tons CO2e) as the baseline and will aim to reduce them by 75% by 2030. The remaining 25% of gross emissions (9.6 million metric tons CO2e) will be removed using carbon offsets, bringing the net emissions to 0.

For the Maven Environmental Challenge, you'll be working as an independent journalist and data viz enthusiast. Your task is to use the data provided by Apple in their Environmental Progress Reports to visualize their progress towards becoming carbon neutral in 2030.

What is Carbon Neutrality? (First off)

"Carbon neutral" is a term that refers to achieving a balance between emitting carbon dioxide (CO2) and absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere in carbon sinks. Being carbon neutral means that a person, company, or even an entire country effectively balances their carbon emissions with actions that reduce or offset these emissions, resulting in a net-zero carbon footprint.

Recommended Analysis:

  1. How much has Apple reduced their emissions from 2015 to 2022?
  2. How does this trend compare to their revenue & market cap trend in the same period?
  3. Which areas have seen the most improvement? What about the least?
  4. Is Apple on track to meet their 2030 goal of net zero emissions?

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