Superstore Sales Dashboard

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The Superstore Sales Dashboard is a comprehensive tool designed to provide in-depth analysis of sales data from a superstore over two years. It employs PowerBI to generate dynamic visualizations and uses forecasting techniques to predict sales for the next 15 days.


  1. Data-driven Visualizations: Utilizes PowerBI to create interactive charts, graphs, and tables for easy comprehension of sales data 🔍.

  2. Two Years of Data: Leverages a dataset spanning two years to offer a comprehensive overview of sales and profit trends 🚀.

  3. 15-Day Sales Forecast: Employs forecasting models to predict sales for the next 15 days, aiding in business planning and decision-making 📈.

  4. Intuitive User Interface: Provides an easy-to-navigate interface for users to explore and analyze sales data effortlessly 📊.

  5. Customizable Parameters: Allows users to adjust parameters and filters to tailor the dashboard to their specific needs 💡.

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