Why Patients rating (HCAHPS) declined During COVID-19 phase?

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Why Patients rating (HCAHPS) declined During COVID-19 phase?

About this project

Project Description:

The HCAHPS survey is the first national, standardized, publicly reported survey of patients' perspectives of hospital care. HCAHPS (pronounced "H-caps"), also known as the CAHPS Hospital Survey, is a survey instrument and data collection methodology for measuring patients' perceptions of their hospital experience.

HCAHPS was designed to help government agencies begin to collect and aggregate data on patient’s perspectives of care at the various healthcare facilities in the United States. HCAHPS scores are used to enable objective comparisons of hospitals across a variety of metrics, inform healthcare consumers about the relative standard of care at each facility and create incentives for hospitals and healthcare organizations to compete on patient engagement and satisfaction.

The challenge data consists of 7 files, lets have a look one by one below:

  1. Measurers
  2. National result
  3. Questions
  4. Report
  5. Responses
  6. State result
  7. States

Goal of the project:

The goal of the project is to evaluate whether the HCAHPS survey has been successful in accomplishing this goal by answering questions like these:

  • Have hospitals' HCAHPS scores improved over the past 9 years?
  • Are there any specific areas where hospitals have made more progress than others?
  • Are there any major areas of opportunity remaining?
  • What recommendations can you make to hospitals to help them further improve the patient experience?

Key Insights:

Over the years the national and state ratings was decent but 2021 but after that its rating has been declined due to Covid-19 pandemic. During that time the hospitals was limited and patients were facing shortage of staffs. Due to these reasons the communications with staff and cleanliness rating was decline, but other measures such as communications with doctors and nurses, discharge information, care transitions were more rated as per the survey.

In this dashboard, I have categorized top three sections by national level, state level and a matrix for the measures to analyze where are these are positioned based on the positive rating and correlations. Based on the matrix i have provided the key recommendations that how to improve the states/hospital their ratings or how to maintain the same level of the position.

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