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📄 Context

Tractchun is a manufacturing company with Information Technology (IT) agents who provide ticketing support.

💼 Business problem

The manager of the IT team needs to monitor and review areas of improvement in their service, for which he has extracted data from the Ticketing system they have, and has also requested information from the Human Resources department to perform a deeper analysis based on employee classifications.

🚀 Goal

Generate a reporting solution that allows us to monitor and evaluate agent performance.

📝 Requirements

  • An easy to use and understand visualization tool
  • Provides information on the total number of tickets generated and their characteristics
  • The average number of days a ticket is open and per employee
  • Generate a classification system

🛠️ Development

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Discussion and feedback(4 comments)
Kit Gabriel Ramirez
Kit Gabriel Ramirez
10 months ago

Dimitris Vrasidis
Dimitris Vrasidis
9 months ago
Excellent work!

Ahmed Fawzy
Ahmed Fawzy
9 months ago
Great Work!

Michealla Chamberlain
Michealla Chamberlain
9 months ago
This is so good! I love the layout and colour choices as well as the intuitive easy to understand interface.
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