What has the pandemic taught us about the future of remote work?

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What has the pandemic taught us about the future of remote work?

About this project

This dashboard was created for submission in the March 2022 Maven Analytics Remote Work Challenge. This submission was selected as the winner and is the first challenge winner created exclusively in Excel.

Use Case:

This interactive Excel dashboard allows the user to assess:

  • the productivity and morale implications of working remotely and
  • essential components to consider for remote work policies of the future

by examining survey data from employees and managers of the New South Wales state government from 2021.

Key Learnings:

  1. BEING MORE PRODUCTIVE was the #1 benefit identified by both managers and employees of having a remote work option

  1. HOW MUCH REMOTE WORK IS DESIRED CHANGES based on the personal and work needs of individuals
  • in general, remote work does save time for individuals, but the amount of time varies greatly depending on the household composition (eg. singles save more time than those with dependents)
  • in general, if an individual identifies barriers to doing their work remotely, they want less remote work

  1. REMOTE WORK POLICIES need to be clear and flexible
  • making it easy to get permission was the #1 element staff suggested for successful remote work policy across all industries

About the Data:

These insights were prepared from the analysis of 1,512 survey responses from a March-April 2021 survey of state government employees of New South Wales regarding their experiences with remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown
5 months ago
Beautiful work, Stacy!