How to build a challenge dashboard: Why should you watch the Tour de France?

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How to build a challenge dashboard: Why should you watch the Tour de France?

Power BI Tour de France infographic

About this project


This infographic is built for the Maven Tour de France challenge

The goal is to help increase the race's popularity around the world by creating an infographic-style visual to educate new viewers, highlight the magnitude of the event, and build anticipation for this year's race (July 2023).

The Data

Historical dataset on every Tour de France from 1903 to 2022, including details on the stages, distance, entrants, finishers, and winning times for each year.

Link to the dataset


The Analysis

Because an infographic was asked, there wasn't that much need to analyze the data, I googled, used Chat GPT and my own imagination, to get a top 5 list with statements that would help to get people to cross the line and go watch the Tour de France.

When that to 5 was set, I thought about a nice fact to tell and a single metric to show for each of them.

The Visuals

I used 5 new Card visuals for the 5 statements.

In these new Cards, which I aligned all in the center, I used

  • a title for the statement
  • a subtitle for the fact
  • a divider
  • a metric, loud and clear
  • a label that describes the metric

The Key Insights

Hopefully, the 5 statements, short and stimulating, give the key insights needed to reach new viewers

For me, the metric about reaching Paris, is the most insightful, only 63% on average, reach the finish line.

The Design

In June we had a Boost session about drawing infographics at the office. I learned about the strength of keeping it clean and simple, to the point.

When I was thinking about how to make a to-the-point infographic, I had to think about the one I made about eating Keto, see below.

The main principles I've copied from that one are,

  • 1 central visual, the map of France with the route of 2023
  • 5 equal card visuals are positioned around the map, all with the same letter types and size, mirrored left and right
  • fully black and yellow, the colors of the Tour
  • a black border
  • and finally a black and yellow banner with the main question and the Tour de France we are talking about, July 2023


Discussion and feedback(4 comments)
Marco Michelini
Marco Michelini
12 months ago
Thanks for sharing your thought process, it is much more valuable than the raw DAX for the measures or table transformation! Love your dashboard, hope it makes it to the W finally 😀

Marjolein Opsteegh
Marjolein Opsteegh
Project owner
12 months ago
Project owner
Hi Marco, good to hear from you!! Glad you like my dashboard, as always, but a bit more when it comes to infographics, I had to decide whether to put time in it or not. But as you see I did!

Andika Dwi Nugraha
Andika Dwi Nugraha
11 months ago
Love your dashboard and clear explanation. I've learned a lot from your work. Thanks for sharing!

Takami Ryuto-Smith
about 2 months ago
I like your design of this dashboard Marjolein! I get an inspiration from you for Rail challenge now!
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