EnterpriseDNA - Data Visualization Workout 007 - KPI Column Chart / Table

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EnterpriseDNA  - Data Visualization Workout 007 - KPI Column Chart / Table

EnterpriseDNA - Data Visualization Workout 007 - Revenues by Business Line

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1. Total AC = revenues (realization)
2. YoY change = absolute and relative variance ( ΔPY)
3. AR (per month) = average revenues per month
4. AR (per client) = average revenues per customer
5. Dark markers (in a line chart) and dark-colored columns (in a column chart) are applied to those data point that display minimum or maximum value or which is the last data point in the selected period
6. Y-axis unification (“extra step”) refers to the line charts and column charts
7. Selecting given TOPn customers or including / excluding group “Others” should impact only on the bottom tables (‘Breakdown by customer’). All metrics in the upper section and line/column charts should not reflect the “TOPn selection”.

In order to change views between line and column charts - you can click on blue subtitle (workout header, “Summary card”)

In this workout, using the supplied dataset and reviewing the provided interactive report (link below) we are going to replicate the following set of visualizations (left section in a report screenshot), including the column charts, scatter chart, table, slicer pane and bookmark navigation experience. Also, please feel free to add any extra visual if you would like to (provided that core visualizations are included in the first place).

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