Maven Northwind Challenge : Smooth Sailing, Swift Deliveries

Tools used in this project
Maven Northwind Challenge : Smooth Sailing, Swift Deliveries

About this project

Northwind traders is a global import and export company that specializes in supplying high quality gourmet food products to restaurants, cafes, and specialty food retailers around the world.

We have 4 KPIs to monitor for this project

  1. Sales Trend

  2. Product Performance

  3. Key Customers

  4. Shipping Costs

Sales is a metric that is computed by multiplying the quantity of the Product by the unit price and subtracting the discount from it. It turns out that as of April 2015, the company has grown 179% since the last year in sales, and 170% in terms of the number of orders, this led to the increase of freight costs to grow 190% since last year.

So Far, the highest month with the highest sales is in April 2015 with total Sales of $123,000, most orders come from the US which makes more sales compared to other countries. Freight cost however is also highest during this month with a total of $6394 of freeight costs. Top customers are Save-a-lot Markets, Ernst Handel, and Quick-Stop.

Majority of Orders come from the United States, Germany, and Austria. And the shpping company that is most utilized by Northwind is the United Package shipping company. The top product sold is the Raclette Courdavault amounting to a total sales of $16,286 with $2,437 of Freight cost which we can say is the main contributor to the increase in sales in May.

Conclusion: Maintain current product performance in the US, Austria and Germany especially for Save-a-lot Markets, Quick-Stop, and Drachelbut which are identified as top customers.

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