Northwind Traders KPI Dashboard for Executive Team

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Northwind Traders KPI Dashboard for Executive Team

Northwind Traders KPI Dashboard

About this project

About this Project:

Welcome to the Maven Northwind Challenge! As a skilled BI Developer at Northwind Traders, a leading global gourmet food supplier, my mission is to provide you with a comprehensive executive dashboard. The primary focus of the dashboard will be on four essential aspects: sales trends and employee performance, product performance, customer analysis, and shipping costs. The main objective is to offer the executive team a concise yet comprehensive summary of the company's performance in these areas. This will enable them to make prompt decisions and engage in effective strategic planning.

Insights & Recommendations:

  • Revenue is increasing since January 2015

  • YoY growth for March 2015 was 178.29%.

  • The top 3 Sales Representatives are from USA and generate 49.12% of Total Revenue.

  • December is the month when the company offered maximum discount.

  • Beverage is the top selling category with market share of 21.15% in total and the top markets are USA, Germany and Brazil.

  • The company's top 3 performing products are:- Cote de Blaye (beverages) - 11% of total sales, Thuringer Rostbratwurst (meat & poultry) - 6.48% of total sales, Raclette Courdavault (dairy products) - 5.63% of total sales. These products collectively represent 23% of total sales. They have gained popularity in Germany, USA, Austria, and Brazil. To drive growth, the company should continue promoting these products and explore new markets in other regions.

  • The company's bottom 3 performing products are:- Genen Shouyu (Condiments), Geitost (Dairy Products), Chocolade (Confections). To improve sales, the company should gather consumer feedback, identify reasons for underperformance, and take necessary steps to enhance these products' appeal and performance.

  • United States of America is the top revenue generating country.

  • Cunewalde (Germany) is the top revenue generating City.

  • Key customers like QUICK STOP (Germany), SAVE-A-LOT MARKETS (USA), and ERNST HANDEL (Austria) have greatly impacted the company's results. By effectively managing and expanding relationships with these customers, the company can generate substantial profits in the long term.

  • The company should prioritize its attention on the markets of Poland, Norway and Argentina, where sales have been relatively low.

  • 93% of orders are delivered on time.

  • Our average delivery time reliably remains below the 10-day mark which is 8.4 days, as customers average delivery expectation is 28 days.

  • While United Package is the leading revenue-generating company, it is worth noting that it also faces challenges related to higher freight costs and frequent order delays.

  • The fastest delivery is provided by Federal Shipping with 94.12% on-time delivery of total orders.

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