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Legacies Group (also known as Legacies Media and Entertainment) is an American media company formed in 2010. it is the owner of the largest commercial radio company in America and has expanded through a number of historical acquisitions, including Toyoda Radio, Dswag Media and HED Radio. Legacies Group owns and operates seven core radio brands, all employing a national network strategy.

Legacies Group also owns and operates one of the leading out-of-home advertising (OOH) companies in America through its outdoor division. They are currently having HR issues and need an experienced HR analyst.


As an HR Analytics Consultant, the goal is to provide an in-depth analysis of what is happening in the Legacies Group.


The dataset was in CSV format with the following columns;

  • Employee name
  • Employee ID
  • Position
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Marital Description
  • Citizen Description
  • Race Description
  • Date of Hire
  • Date of Termination
  • Termination Reason
  • Employment Status
  • Department
  • Manager name
  • Manager ID
  • Recruitment Source
  • Performance score
  • Engagement Survey
  • Employment Satisfaction
  • Last performance review date
  • Absences



The dataset had several blank cells, most especially the Date of Termination column. Not all employees were terminated hence the blank cells. I handled the blank cells by replacing all blanks with a hyphen (-) in Excel.

All other manipulation was done in Power Query after importing the dataset into Power BI.


The employee's age was calculated in the power query editor using the Date of Birth of the employee.


The employee's ages were grouped into 5 categories using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). The categories; 20-29 (Youth), 30-39 (Young Adult), 40-49 (Adult), 50 -59 (Elderly) and >60 (Aged).

undefinedundefinedLENGTH OF SERVICE

Length of Service = Date of Termination - Date of Hire. This was calculated using the DATEDIFF function.

undefinedundefinedInteract with my dashboard here.


  1. The total number of employees at Legacies Group; is 311, 176 females and 135 males
  2. The top 3 recruitment sources; are Indeed, LinkedIn and Google Search, the least is the online web application
  3. 94.86% of the employees are U.S. citizens, 3.86% are eligible non-citizens and 1.29% are non-citizens
  4. 187 employees are White, 80 are black/African American, 29 are Asian, 11 are two or more races, 3 are American Indian or Alaska Native and 1 is Hispanic.
  5. From the employee statistics, Legacies Group is a diverse company in terms of gender, race and citizenship giving opportunities to all groups
  6. The age range (40-49) is the most populated age range with 120 employees who are the most likely to leave, what are the age requirements for recruiting? how about recruiting the younger ones and upskilling them throughout their career
  7. 207 Active employees, 16 Terminated for cause, 88 Voluntarily terminated (104 terminated employees)
  8. Voluntarily terminated gender; 51 females and 37 males. Active gender; 116 females and 91 males.
  9. The top 5 reasons employees voluntarily terminated their contract; are another position, unhappiness, more money, career change and the number of hours (this accounted for 62 of the 88 employees)
  10. The production department recorded a huge loss, 75 out of 194 employees in the production department voluntarily left the company
  11. 31 out of 88 voluntarily terminated employees are within the age range of 40 -49, what factors are making this group leave?; salary structure (this group have a family to cater for), marriage with respect to the working hours (14 out of 31 are married, 8 are single), appraisal/promotion structure (8 left for another position, 5 were unhappy, 4 needed more money, 4 needed career change, 3 relocated out of the area), is this group growing in the company etc.
  12. 73 of the 88 voluntarily terminated employees Fully met their performance score, 5 needed improvement, 7 exceeded and 3 PIP.
  13. Average Employee Satisfaction; 3.89/5 and Average Employee Engagement; 4.11/5
  14. The voluntarily terminated employees have a 4.18 employee engagement and 3.90 employee satisfaction.


  1. Upskilling and Reskilling

The age range 40 -49 are the most populated group and are the most likely to leave, upskilling and reskilling is a good initiative while recruiting the younger age group and contributing to their career advancement. The purpose of upskilling and reskilling; is to boost employees' ability to carry out their roles, to improve staff's performance in existing functions and for employees to understand changing trends in the media and entertainment industry and update their skills so they are relevant. This could be through internal training, courses, or partnerships with other companies.

  1. Performance Appraisal

How often are employees appraised and how are the results best used to encourage the employees? The manager of the production department should look into the appraisal of employees in this department. Employees in this department voluntarily left either for another position, unhappiness, more money or career change. Appraisals lead to development and motivation.

  1. Salary Revision

The company should consider revising the salary of their long-term employees to keep motivating them. Some organisations carry out salary revisions; when the company's salary structure doesn't match the market, to afford a cost-of-living adjustment and when staff is promoted to a new job. An effective salary revision can drive higher rates of workplace satisfaction and retention.

  1. Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction goes beyond simply keeping workers happy, which is an emotion that no organization can create on demand. Instead, Gallup reports what employees really want is to be engaged with and inspired by their workplaces. Some of the factors driving employee satisfaction; are feeling energized by work, feeling like they belong, having a sense of purpose, achieving goals and having a culture of inclusion.

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