NO DATA MESSAGE | How to deal with an empty dashboard

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NO DATA MESSAGE | How to deal with an empty dashboard

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I love Tableau, but if you've used any visualisation software you'll know there are always some limitations. Displaying a 'no-data' message in Tableau is a functionality that doesn't properly exist yet.

In my current role, we work across many clients and we roll out core dashboards to these clients. This sometimes means that the dashboards are empty due to a lack of data from different sources. We've trialled and errored our way through many different types of no-data messages. We've been restricted by our embedding functionality not being optimized towards floating sheets, we've been restricted and limited by the type of default messaging tableau offers and most importantly we've been at a loss how to default show a message if there is simply no data.

This viz has been the accumulation of knowledge in trying to solve one of our B2B issues with rolling out Tableau on a large scale.

I'm still hoping Tableau's going to come along and deliver a really simple ability to default to the no-data message, but in the meantime hopefully, these workarounds will help someone out.

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