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As a BI Developer for Northwind Traders, I crafted a powerful KPI dashboard that delivers a comprehensive snapshot of the company's performance to the executive team. Using Tableau, I designed a strategic dashboard that presents key information at a glance while offering deeper insights for inquisitive minds.

The dashboard revolves around vital areas crucial to Northwind's success. Sales trends, product performance, key customers, and shipping costs take center stage, providing a clear understanding of the company's standing in these critical domains.

With a concise and impactful design, the top-level KPI dashboard empowers executives and senior-level managers to make informed decisions swiftly. It condenses complex data into digestible visualizations, enabling quick comprehension and fostering agile decision-making.

By leveraging Tableau's capabilities, I created a user-friendly interface that not only showcases essential KPIs but also encourages exploration. Executives can delve into specific metrics and uncover additional insights to gain a deeper understanding of the company's performance.

In summary, my contribution to the Maven Northwind Challenge involved crafting a strategic dashboard that empowers the executive team with concise and impactful insights. The resulting visualization enables swift comprehension of sales trends, product performance, key customers, and shipping costs, while also fostering further exploration for a more comprehensive understanding of Northwind Traders' success factors.

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