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Northwind Traders Executive Dashboard

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Project Description: Building an Executive-Level KPI Dashboard

Project Overview: The aim of this project is to develop a concise and impactful Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard for the executive team. The dashboard will focus on four key areas: sales trends and employee performance, product performance, customer analysis, and shipping costs with a specific metric for days to ship. The objective is to provide the executive team with a high-level overview of the company's performance in these areas, facilitating quick decision-making and strategic planning.

Project Deliverables:

  1. Sales Trends and Employee Performance Page: This page will showcase sales trends over time, highlighting key metrics such as total sales, sales growth, and regional sales distribution. Additionally, it will incorporate employee filter to see each employee performance, such as sales contribution by employee and employee rankings based on sales performance.
  2. Product Performance Page: The product performance page will provide a comprehensive overview of the company's product sales and performance. It will include metrics such as total products sold, sales by product category and top-selling products.
  3. Customer Page: This page will show which customer contribute the highest to our sales and which country they come from.
  4. Shipping Costs and Days to Ship Page: This page will highlight shipping costs and efficiency by presenting the total shipping costs, a breakdown of costs by region or shipping company, and the average days to ship orders. It will enable the executive team to monitor and optimize shipping operations, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effective practices.
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