ADIDAS SALES (2021-2022)

About this project

The dataset was gotten from Linkedin, having 9,648 rows and 15 columns. I extracted the data, transform using power query editor then loaded into PowerBI desktop for my visualization. I cleaned and transform the datasets from power query editor. From the analysis, i came up with five visuals which are;

  • Sales method
  • Units sold by month
  • Profit by product and methods
  • Units sold by region
  • Unit sold by product and sales method.

I discovered five insights ;

  • Online method has the highest sales method.
  • August had the highest sales by month having the total of 258K while November has the lowest sales by month of 175K.
  • Men's street footwear had the highest Profit by product and sales methods respectively.
  • West region has the highest Units sold.
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