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Hollywood Movie Dashboard


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Purpose of the project:

The ideal behind to create Hollywood Profitable Movie Stories.


  1. Created 7 calculated fields, first one for the title of the dashboard
  2. Others 6 for KPI's (KPI's-- Films, Genre, Lead studios, Rotten Tomatoes, Worldwide Gross, Audience score).
  3. Created stack bar chart for profitability by lead studios and genre.
  4. Created bar chart for total movies by year and genre.
  5. Created by pie chart utilizing dual axis for total films by genre and total films by lead studios.
  6. Created scatter chart for audience score by rotten tomatoes by adding genre and lead studios in tooltip.
  7. Created scatter chart for worldwide gross by rotten tomatoes by adding films to label, genre and lead studios added to tooltip.
  8. Created horizontal bar for measures values by adding films, genre, lead studios, year, measure names.


  1. Total films is 74, total lead studios is 13, total genre is 6, Average audience score is 64.14, Average rotten tomatoes is 47.36, Average worldwide gross is 136.4.
  2. Positive correlation between audience score and rotten tomatoes whereas for worldwide gross and rotten tomatoes has no impact because most of the films falls between 0 and 200 values.
  3. Films by genre comedy have more than 50%, second position is take by romance is 20% and third position is taken by drama is 17% whereas films by lead studios independent studio have 26% , second position taken Warner Bros studio is 16%.
  4. The highest values taken in total movies by year are in 2010 and 2008.
  5. Profitability for independent studio have highest value for drama genre.
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