How to build a challenge dashboard: Successful launches of Currently active rockets

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How to build a challenge dashboard: Successful launches of Currently active rockets

Maven Space challenge

About this project

The Objective

All you need to do is share a single page data visualization that captures the awe of outer space through our history with space travel. Link to the challenge

The Data

This dataset contains a csv table with 4,631 records, one for each space mission Each record contains details on each mission's name, location, date, and status of the launch, the company responsible, and the price, status, and name of the rocket

The Analysis

I started by understanding the data, playing with the given data. I liked the geographic visual I was testing out so much that I decided to use it as the central visual. For the other visuals and cards I played with DAX including ALL. For the entire dashboard, including the Pareto, rocket types have been chosen that are still active

The Visuals

The entire dashboard is built around the world map. The world map is a map visual with the number of missions as bubble size. The lower left Pareto is a line and stacked column chart. The visual at the bottom right is an unstable custom visual that I chose because it has nice smooth lines, like in Excel

The Key Insights

  1. 7 companies have launched together 80% of the launches of the current fleet.
  2. The oldest successful launch with a still active rocket was in 1982. This launch was in China, by CASC. It was the Long March 2C rocket. Until today, this rocket model has made 43 successful launches, during 43 missions. The next launch will be in January 2023.

The Design

I opted for a sleek design, white and gray on a dark purple background. Yellow is used as an accent color The titles of the cards and the comments in the visuals at the bottom are all the same, Segoe 18 with bold accents The call-out values ​​in the cards are all DIN 60. Uniformity is important for a calm dashboard


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