How to build a challenge dashboard: Pizza operational improvements (Challenge Finalist)

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How to build a challenge dashboard: Pizza  operational improvements (Challenge Finalist)

Plato's Pizza

About this project

The Objective

For the Maven Pizza Challenge, you’ll be playing the role of a BI Consultant hired by Plato's Pizza, a Greek-inspired pizza place in New Jersey. You've been hired to help the restaurant use data to improve operations, and just received the following note

The Data

This dataset contains 4 tables in CSV format with a total of 32 fields and 19.619 records

The Analysis

For the dashboard, I divided the questions asked into two groups

  • Drive more sales
  • Work more efficiently

Then I started answering the questions asked and looking for the right visuals. I did most of the analyzes in Power BI. In Power Query I created time slots and imported an extra table which I made in Excel for the distribution visual

The Visuals

the dashboard consists of 6 visuals and 4 cards

  • the first visual is a scatter plot. here volume and revenue are plotted against each other. The pizza types are in the legend. The balls are colored 1 by 1. This is not the most convenient way. The visible legend is pasted in, the visual legend is off.
  • The heat map consists of 3 separate heat maps that are hidden behind each other in such a way that it works. Fun fact with this visual and the next one is that the days of the week and the months are in Dutch, after checking everything down to the pixel, this slipped through
  • The capacitance visual is a line chart. There is a separate line for each time slot. Only the points of the lines are visible, the lines themselves are off. See 1 of the pictures. The months, the horizontal line and the labels are all glued in separately
  • A donut above a bar chart was deliberately chosen here to show the proportions well. I think a pie is too massive

The Key Insights

  1. Some of the pizzas have both low volume and low turnover, they can be removed from the menu
  2. There are pizzas with a relatively low turnover compared to the somewhat higher volume, the prices can be increased here
  3. The opening hours can be narrowed

The Design

the dashboard is designed in the Inergy style. Clean lines, white surfaces on a gray background Text and accents are in gray with blue and red accents. The colors are inspired by the Greek islands, Plato's is a Greek pizzeria Extra time has been spent aligning both the visuals and the headers, which are all at the same height. The text blocks were pasted in so that multiple colors could be used


Link to the LinkedIn post

With this dashboard I ended up in the final. The advantage of the final is that your dashboard will be discussed in the Maven team for the winner selection video see the link to the video

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