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As part of the Maven Slopes Challenge, I had access to a dataset with data for almost 500 ski resorts from around the world, as well as snow-covered land surface data for each month in 2022. My task was to create a dashboard that would help skiers find their ideal resort. The dashboard provides users with essential information about each destination, including the resort's name, country, ski season length, highest and lowest points for skiing, and longest possible continuous run.

To assist users in identifying their ideal resort, I designed a filter sequence in the dashboard. This filter sequence takes into account the facilities provided by the resort, as well as the geographical characteristics of the area. Moreover, I recommended some resorts based on different slope difficulties, such as beginner and advanced slopes.

During the creation of the filter sequence, I considered several factors that could influence a skier's experience, including the length of the ski season, the type of slopes available, the number of lifts, and the quality of snow. In addition, I incorporated geographic data such as the altitude of the resort, the average annual snowfall.

To make the dashboard user-friendly, I designed a straightforward interface that enables users to filter the data quickly based on their preferences. For example, users can filter resorts by country, ski season length, and available facilities like snow parks or night skiing.

In conclusion, my objective was to provide skiers with valuable information that can help them make informed decisions about their next ski trip. The dashboard I created is a useful tool for anyone planning a ski vacation, and I am proud of the work I have done on this project.

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